I am currently in the process of selling all of my possessions.  I have made the decision to purposely become homeless in order to call attention to the problem of homelessness in our society.  All of the proceeds from the sale of my possessions will be used to take care of my basic needs and to help feed some of the other homeless people who cross my path.

You can read more why here if interested.  There is also another web site that I’ve established at

This site is an up-to-date list of all the associated Craig’s List postings I’ve made so far.  If you come by to look at something and there are other items that catch you eye just let me know.  Pretty much everything you see is for sale  😉

Update (4 March):  Since some folks have asked ‘what else do you have for sale’ I have added a page with pictures of my home.  I am also accepting appointments to come by and just wander around and look – yardsale style without the yard  😉

Last Update 25 Mar 2015

Sublet Opportunity.  I am looking to sublet my U-District apartment for the remaining 8 months of my lease if possible:

A ton of other items – right now I’m just trying to get all of the big-ticket items loaded up – it’s taking some time to do.  If you’d like to come by and take a look, just give me a call at 425-233-2571 and we can set something up.

Items no longer available: